Recycled Felt Holiday Trees

Dreaming of a green Christmas? Then start the season with some no-sew felt holiday trees. They’re made almost entirely from recycled materials – felted wool sweaters and paper grocery bags, and the no-sew assembly means you only need an afternoon to assemble a small forest of wooly evergreens.

Paper grocery bag
Felted wool sweater (visit your local thrift store for felting sweaters, or you can purchase wool felt yardage online or from your local fabric store. You’ll need about 1/8 yard for two trees)
1/2” round bead (I used handmade wool beads, but you can use any bead of your choosing)
Round container about 1 1/2" in diameter
Scotch Tape
Glue (I used Aleene’s No-Sew Fabric Glue)

Draw an angle with two 6"-long sides, using your ruler as a guide. A narrow angle will result in a tall, narrow tree, while a wider angle will result in a shorter, wider tree.
Connect the bottom of the angle with a curved line.
Draw guidelines for a tab. Make a parallel line 1/2" away from one of the triangle's straight edges. The line should begin 3/4" below the tip of the triangle and end flush with the base. Connect each end of the line to the triangle
Cut out
Fold to create a tab
Make a cone shape and tape to secure
Place the cone on its side and gently press, as if you were going to flatten it. You are checking to see if the base of the cone is even all the way around. If it is not, hold the middle of the cone between your thumb and forefinger to keep it compressed, and trim any excess paper from the bottom edge.
Snip off 3/4" from the top
Trace a round container that's around 1 1/2 inches in diameter. I used a pot of lip gloss, but small aspirin bottles, hot sauce jars, anything round and approximately 1 1/2" in diameter will do
Use a sharpie to trace onto felt
Cut out
Cut circles in half

Starting at the bottom, glue felt to cone base. Overlap each piece to ensure you completely cover the base.
Try to make each subsequent row off center from the previous row
Glue bead to the top of the tree

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